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How To Start a Handmade Photo Frame Business

At the beginning of your handmade photo frame business, it’s important to figure out which kind of frames you want to make. You’ll need some basic materials and skills for each type of frame, so you might as well invest in all three types at first. Over time, if one style is more profitable than the others, then you can focus on that one while wheeling and dealing with the other styles.

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Here Are Three Popular Frames That You Can Start With

  1. Metal Frames

Metal frames are quite popular because they tend to be very durable. Aluminum, heavy-gauge steel, and stainless steel are all suitable for metal photo frames. 

To start making metal frames, purchase a drill press or hand along with various bits for drilling holes, attaching hardware and wire, and bending metal. Use an industrial spot welder to weld the metals together. In addition; you’ll need a bench vise or two to hold the wire steady as you work on your frames.

For aluminum, anodized aluminum, and even stainless steel, you can buy sheets at hardware stores – these are great if you want to use something like LED lights behind your frame to illuminate it. However, if you plan on just using regular glass, then you’ll be better off buying screen mesh from any large craft store, which is more affordable than metal sheets.

Metal Frames are big money makers because they are sturdy and nice looking. This means that people will pay extra for them compared to other types of frames! You might also consider selling raw materials so people can make their own metal photo frames instead of buying them premade from you.

  1. Wood Frames

Start making wood photo frames by purchasing a jigsaw if you don’t already own one. You’ll also need sandpaper and various types of clamps for holding your work steady while sawing and attaching hardware/wire through drilled holes. A drill press will come in handy for this type of project as well as any other small handheld power tools such as an electric screwdriver, belt sander, and drill.

You can buy ready-made MDF (medium-density fibreboard) photo frames at craft stores, but you’re better off buying the raw wood materials and making your own. First, assemble four pieces of wood by drilling holes for the wire to go through and attach with screws or nails. 

You can use different types of woods you prefer, such as maple, oak, pine, etc., which gives each frame a unique look and provides more variety than just buying all MDF frames from a store would give you.

Wood Frames are popular because they usually fit in very well with modern/contemporary decor as well as traditional styles. However, this makes them something that people may want to purchase over metal which is less versatile.

  1. Ceramic Frames

Start making ceramic photo frames by purchasing clay as well as the wire from a craft store which can be shaped into circles for attaching hardware/wire through drilled holes. You’ll need all the wood or metal frames supplies such as clamps, saws, drill press, etc. Once your pieces are made, you’ll need a kiln/oven to fire your work at high temperatures in order to harden it.

Ceramic Photo Frames will cost more than wooden or metal because firing them at very high temperatures is a very time-consuming process. The frames are made in many styles/colors, so they can be more versatile than just having plain wood or metal.

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