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6 Tips To Remain Productive On A Business Trip

As travel restrictions start to ease and hotels open up, the prospect of a business trip is back on the table. By now you’re probably feeling a little out of practice! To help you remain productive on your next business trip, consider these six simple tips.

1. Pack Productivity Apps

To boost your productivity on your business trip, there are plenty of productivity apps that you can download before you go:

Todoist: Todoist is a great to-do list application that helps users to get organized. A few of the handy features include data synchronization, project templates, and plenty of collaboration options.

Zapier: Zapier allows you to connect all the apps that you use, for a streamlined experience. The software uses ‘zaps’ to open your regular apps and automatically complete tasks.

Toggl: The Toggl application allows users to track the time they are spending on various tasks. It’s a great app to use if you have a tight schedule on your next business trip.

2. Plan Your Schedule

The key to a successful business trip is getting organized. Plan out a detailed map of your business trip schedule in advance. Set strict time frames, and see that all of your free windows are put to productive use. To help you plan your schedule, try using the digital bullet journal by ‘Good Notes’.

3. Choose The Right Accommodation

Choosing the right accommodation is absolutely vital for a business trip. Look out for quality Apartment Suites, which have all the amenities you’ll need. From a strong Wi-fi connection to a functional office space, you won’t want to get caught out without your biz necessities!

4. Work As You Travel

To make good time and boost productivity, keep working while you travel, whether you’re taking the train or traveling by plane. Many aircrafts now provide passengers with a Wi-fi connection while they are traveling. Services like this mean there’s less downtime and more time to work on your important projects. With plenty of technology at our disposal, it’s simple to work anytime, anywhere.

5. Create A List Of Priorities

Now it’s impossible to get all of your important tasks done on one trip, so it’s helpful to create a list of priorities. Write down all of your tasks, and then put them in order of the most important. A detailed list of priorities will help you to set goals for your business trip and stick to them.

6. Pack The Right Tech

Don’t forget to bring all the tech you need to boost productivity on your trip; a few ideas include:

Noise Cancelling Headphones: Noise-canceling headphones make it easier to listen to audio without turning up the volume. These headphones use noise control to reduce the presence of unwanted ambient noise. Noise-canceling headphones can offer a more pleasant experience for the listener, making it easier to focus.

Upright Go: Upright Go is a smart device that can help you to improve your posture. The device is attached to your back, and it vibrates (gently) if you slouch! Working a desk job isn’t always great for your posture, and neither is public transport. With Upright Go, you won’t get a sore back from sitting on the train all day, (helping you to remain productive)!

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