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Can Your Business Grow Without Moving Premises? (Psst… Of Course It Can)

When your business performs well, it can be very easy to rest on your laurels. However, as a successful entrepreneur, knowing when and how to grow your company is essential.

There are various situations when moving to a new building is the right solution. But this isn’t the only possible route to increased success and profits. There are a plethora of other options out there, and they could provide the key to opening the next stage of your operation. Here’s what you can do without resorting to a move.


Complete A Virtual Migration

In today’s climate, many SMEs are either home-based or run from small offices. This can be a little troublesome when attempting to impress clients. For the sake of perceptions alone, moving to a more prestigious location seems a very attractive option. But you don’t necessarily need to do it in a physical manner.

Acquiring a virtual office address will provide your company with the presence of a larger organization. For home-based businesses, it removes the threat of people turning up at your property. Many of those spaces even allow you to rent a boardroom. So if you ever need to a meet a client, you’re still covered without looking unprofessional.

Invest In New Technologies

Technology is at the heart of all modern business progression. Therefore, embracing new ideas and processes could be the ideal solution to take workflow and revenue to the next level. Even if it’s simply investing in better communication facilities, those upgrades can make a world of difference.

Of course, those investments are only worthwhile when the staff is equipped to get the best results. But with extruder operator training, for example, your manufacturing team will become far stronger. Use similar ideas throughout the business, and you should see greater accuracy at lower costs. If that doesn’t take your venture to the next level, what will?


Whether it’s lazy or a stroke of genius doesn’t matter; franchising is a great option. Not only will this allow your business to grow without the need for moving. But it’ll also allow for expansion with minimal effort on your behalf.

Letting other entrepreneurs grow their own businesses under your umbrella will increase global awareness. Moreover, you’ll take a cut of those profits. Even if the individual ventures don’t produce that much revenue, the overall takings will be huge.

Go Online

Ultimately, the main purpose of any expansion is to serve new and larger audiences. If your business is currently an offline venture, the most obvious form of growth is to hit the online market. As long as you perfect your digital marketing plans to strike a chord with your target demographic, you’ll see amazing results.

Items like web design, packaging, and delivery can all be outsourced if needed. Just remember to invest in trustworthy ecommerce software, and you could increase your customer base in next to no time. Furthermore, these ideas should open up doors for continued expansion over the coming years too. After all, online sales will only continue to increase.

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