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The Benefits of Owning a Golden Visa

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The Portugal Golden visa is a program proposed by the government of Portugal that is used to grant residence to people who invest in properties that are at least half a million euros and help inject the local economy with at least ten jobs. Beginning in 2012, the Golden Visa has been credited as an investment that has injected €1.8 billion from 3000 people who have participated in the program. Here are the benefits of the Golden Visa and why this form of citizenship by investment can be a viable option for you and your family.

There will be a return of investment. The Golden Visa is a type of investment where your capital is traded for citizenship. It is a high capital cost compared to other forms of citizenships, but it is one that has a return on your investment. Most Golden visa programs have short to long term investment options that lead to significant capital gains for your real estate. Some of these prime locations are Barcelona and Lisbon, where real estate is booming.

Insurance. At any given time, the investor can take a flight and return to their properties. Over time, residency visas can be renewed or can turn into a permanent residence. It’s also a haven venture for investors, with clear ownership laws that are transparent and easy to manage. Unlike other places, there aren’t several layers of bureaucracy that you need to go through just to obtain your Golden visa or residency.

Generational benefits and home living. Most investors who utilize a Golden Visa tend to be transient travelers, always traveling to and fro different areas in the world. A Golden visa allows you to take advantage of that sense of freedom and adventure. The benefits are also generational, since once investment is made and the residency cards are given, then the ties to the particular country will improve. Children can now be included, with them eventually using the real estate as a secondary home or even as a permanent residence.

Ease of travel. No longer do you have to worry about accommodations when traveling with your Golden visa.

Golden Visa Program Was Made to Attract Foreign Investors

Property so far has been the most attractive investment prospect for those who hold a Golden Visa. In Portugal particularly, there is a low supply and high demand for new infrastructure and construction, creating the perfect storm for investments in the local industry. Since 2013, the Portuguese government has tried to reach out to foreign and nonresidents to expedite its tourism industry by promoting its investment opportunities. The Golden Visa program is the key determining factor for the recent boom in real estate in Portugal and the surrounding countries. Together with the Non-Usual Tax Program directed at European Union citizens, there has been a recent increase in the short-term rental industry.


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