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What Is A Ground Transportation Solution? And Could Your Business Need One?

Transportation sits at the core of many businesses, whether it be the transportation of people such as your clients or employees, or the transportation of your products. Thankfully, most of the time, things tend to run smoothly, but when you rely on transportation for your job and things do go wrong, then problems can start to mount up quickly – which is where having a ground transportation solution onboard can help. 

What is a ground transportation solution? 

A ground transportation solution is simply a service designed to manage all of your ground transportation needs. This may include things like sourcing you regular transport, finding you alternative transport if a supplier lets you down, helping you to build an emergency transportation strategy, and even securing accommodation should you need an overnight stay. 

What services do ground transportation solution providers offer?

The services provided by your ground transportation solution provider may vary depending on their niche, but in general, you can expect them to offer services including the below: 

  • Business continuity transport
    Whether a planned exercise or an emergency such as an office fire, a ground transportation service can help you to move your people safely and efficiently from one location to another forming an important part of your business continuity plan.

  • Accommodation
    Most ground transportation solution providers will also help their clients to source accommodation such as a hotel room, whether that be short notice due to an emergency or in advance.

  • Group transportation
    Whether for a corporate event, education or for private hire, ground transportation solution providers can help your business to source suitable vehicles including coaches, mini-buses, taxis and chauffeur cars.

  • Door-to-door transfers
    Got someplace to be? Your ground transportation management solution will be able to source you a car at short notice to take you from A to B.

  • Breakdown assurance

If you have a fleet of vehicles that you rely on for your business and one breaks down, then your ground transportation solution provider can help you to source an emergency replacement to keep your business moving while your vehicle is fixed. 

What kinds of businesses could use a ground transportation solution?

A wide range of businesses can make use of a ground transportation service provider from enterprise-level companies to startups, hotels to railway operators. Here are a few example scenarios that demonstrate the ways in which a ground transportation service works within a business. 

An office fire

Whether as a part of a drill or a real fire, a ground transportation solution can provide emergency vehicles to transport your employees to a safe place of residence or work, forming a crucial part of your business continuity plan. 

Leaves on the line

Railway companies frequently use ground transportation services to help them to source coaches, when they need to put on a rail replacement bus service. 

Hotel evacuation 

As an accommodation provider, fire or another emergency can leave your guests out in the cold. A ground transportation provider can source your emergency transport and find alternative accommodation for your guests. 

Coach breakdown

If you run a transportation company yourself, then something like a broken down coach or minibus can leave passengers short of their final destination. In this situation, a ground transportation company will find a replacement vehicle and continue your passenger’s journey. 

So there you have it, now you know what a ground transportation solution is and how having one on board can help you to safely manage ground transportation issues within your business. 

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