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Looking for an Alternative Investment? Here is Why you Should Invest in Coconuts!

coconut tree investment

If you want to make good, ethical profit then you need to invest your money wisely in “green investments” Alternative investments tend to be safe and secure as well as an ethical investment choice. There are many types of investment opportunity available to the savvy investor but let us introduce you to a unique niche with some surprising uses and benefits.

Investing in Coconuts – 7 reasons why it makes sense:

Coconuts are quite simply a sound investment as this nut/fruit (botanists cannot seem to agree) is very versatile and in high demand.

1. Coconut Oil

This can be used for many things, it is increasing in demand as a bio-fuel, is a core ingredient of many beauty products such as moisturisers, is used in dermatology products to assist treatment of a variety of skin conditions and it can even be consumed and aid digestion. Add to that its metabolic enhancements and energy boosting properties and the fact you can even use it in cooking helps explain why the demand for this product outstrips the supply.

2. Coconut Milk

This is an ingredient popular in an increasing number of culinary dishes and can now be found in my stores the world over.

3. Coconut water

Tasty and healthy, the market is starting to demand this unusual beverage in the western world. While this coconut water is consumed daily in places like Brazil, the USA is starting to promote it and that means that this market is expected to see rapid growth.

4. Coconut Vodka

The flowers of the coconut tree ferment to make a string alcoholic beverage, again this may be slow to market but it is an interesting opportunity.

5. Coconut husk (specifically COIR)

The fibrous husk is used for matting, ropes, sacks, caulking for boats, filling for mattresses and can even be used as potting compost. The car manufacturer FORD has been investigating coir for use in manufacturing car parts such is the materials strength and diversity.

6. Shells and husks

The husks are growing in demand as these can be used for bio-fuel; more traditional uses have again been compost as well as them being used to make charcoal.

7. Copra

This is the dried meet from the seed and it’s used for animal fodder as it is naturally high in protein and fat.

Coconuts – investment opportunity

Demand as you can see from the varied uses listed above is high and there are issues as the supply is decreeing. The Phillipines which is the largest current coconut producer has seen a 30% reduction in coconuts in the 2011 vs. 2010 according to Coconut authority figures. Yet this still earns them $1.508 from their largest export. The problem is that 44 million of their coconut trees are now past their fertile age, that’s 14% of their total and there are not enough new trees being planted to make up the shortfall. In 3-5 years it’s predicted by the Philippines Coconut authority that they will not be able to meet demand.

Brazil has the perfect coconut growing environment and lots of fertile land add to that the Brazilians have the world’s 7th largest economy then you can likely see already the unique investment opportunity ahead. Now is the perfect time to take advantage of an investment opportunity with minimal risk and maximum returns.

If you look at the demand for bio-fuel alone with national targets being set all over the world to find alternatives for fossil fuels, coconut oil is a leading solution for creating bio diesel. In fact according to the Austrian Bio-fuels Institute – “it is the highest quality alternative diesel fuel.” With governments supporting this drive there are various incentives to encourage further development.  And uptake, again a reward for intelligent investors is clearly possible.

Bio-fuels is an exciting market and coconuts are renewable so cost effective and they are also none toxic AND biodegradable.

This is a new opportunity and for those in the know 2010-2011 saw a massive 93% increase in the price of coconut oil. This is a ground floor opportunity with truly fabulous potential.

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