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Top Tips For Planning A New Farm Building

When you are running a farm, it may seem like a no-brainer to have additional farm buildings added into your business plan. You want to make sure that you invest well into your farm – and that investment must fit with your business strategy! A new building cna make a big difference to your farm; it could earn more money, you could use it to rent for local tradespeople – you could choose what you want to do with it, and it could work as an additional resource for your business.

With Bulk Earthworks, you can turn over the ground for your farm and start planning your next business venture. This could be a new one, or it could be an extension of the business that you have – it’s an excellent way to diversify for your agricultural business. So, let’s dive into some top tips for planning out your new farm building.

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  1. The very first step in the planning stages is in knowing what you need. Strategizing is so essential before you start planning a full build. You need to understand what you want from it, how flexible you need the building to be, and how you would like it to be designed. Some buildings are used year-round for animals and lambing, youngstock or poultry. It’s up to you!
  2. Knowing what you want for the building in the future is vital, too. You need to know you can adapt and diversify when you get to the future! It would help if you also considered how you would want to expand – this way, you’re taking a long-term view now and not when it’s too late.
  3. You must build for longevity if it’s what you want. It will change the material specification of the building if it doesn’t last longer than you want it to. Timber buildings will have a different use than a steel-framed offering, so you need to know how long you want this building to last before you start digging out the ground!
  4. Before you start building, get a survey. Take an approach to the whole farm and think about how your structure will work for your existing buildings. It would help if you didn’t dive into excavation without knowing the location of the building you want and how you plan to access it. It’s got to be easy to maintain, and if you are building a livestock building, you need to ensure you have carefully planned the building elements correctly.
  5. Where you can, get professional help. When it comes to planning permission for your farm building, you need the right advice from planning authorities, surveyors and local government agents. You need to know that you are going to get in the excavators for a good reason! Building a new farm building takes work, and it takes the proper planning to get it from concept to completion. 

Planning a new agricultural project is a big deal for your farming business. Make sure that it’s part of your long term goals and you’ll be able to gain funding!

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