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hydroponics investment


Invest in an Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Technology with a Highly Professional Team

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About Midas Aquaponics

midas aquaponics investment

Midas Aquaponics is the owner and operator of aquaponics farms across Asia and the Middle East. Working in partnership with world recognized consultants and organizations, our handpicked projects generate positive financial, environmental and social returns for our client’s.

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is the marriage of aquaculture (the farming of aquatic organisms) and hydroponics (growing plants without the use of soil) that grows fish and plants together creating an integrated, mutually beneficial environment.

hydroponics investment

Why Should You Invest in Aquaponics?

Food is the most critical resource in the world. Without it, humans would not function. With current global food shortages and an ever growing population, investments in food and agriculture will always perform. Investing into Aquaponics allows you to gain exposure in an industry where yields are far higher than traditional investment classes.

Investment Highlights

  • Earn 9-18% Per Annum With Regular Dividends

  • Dual Profit Streams

  • No Correlation To The Stock Markets

  • Asset Backed & Inflation Proof

  • Inspection Trips Available

  • Invest From Only £20,000 

[us_testimonial author=”Peter Drucker” company=”Nobel Laureate and Economist “]Leading global experts predict aquaponics will be the investment of the 21st century[/us_testimonial]

Why Is Aquaponics Such an Attractive Investment

  • Physical Asset

    Investing in Aquaponics allows you to own a physical asset, also known as a tangible asset. Your aquaponic system is a physical object which can be touched and has true material and commercial resale value. Your asset belongs to you and produces a continuous and regular income stream.

  • Economic Growth

     With the world’s population predicted to increase to 9 billion people by 2050 – particularly in areas that have high rates of food insecurity — Aquaponics will make a significant contribution to global food security and economic growth and offers an extremely attractive investment vehicle.

  • Strong Demand

     Fish are the last wild animal that we hunt in large numbers. And yet, we may be the last generation to do so. Entire species of marine life will never be seen in the Anthropocene (the Age of Man) let alone tasted, if we do not curb our insatiable voracity for fish. Global fish consumption has hit a record high.

  • Dual Profits

     Aquaponics offers access to not one but two extremely high profit generating centres. With fish harvests averaging 2 times annually and vegetables every 21 days returns on investment are forecast at 9-18% per annum.

  • Low Risk

     Whilst traditional investments are generally related to market performance, Aquaponics offers the sophisticated investor an unprecedented low risk financial opportunity in a market that is forecast to provide not only stability but extremely high returns for decades to come.

  • Fully Managed

     Whilst global demand and excellent growth forecasts are associated with the food industry, Aquaponics offer a passive investment model without the need for day-to-day monitoring.

  • Controlled Enviroment

     Aquaponic crops are grown in controlled and automated environments. Weather systems and unforeseen climatic conditions do not affect the growth rate, whilst pests and other problems are much easier to prevent. In addition, for the same land mass, Aquaponic yields are 1000% greater than traditional agriculture methods.

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