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Hydroponic Farm Investment by Pegasus Agriculture Group UK

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Pegasus Agriculture Group UK are the largest owners and Operators of Commercial Hydroponic farms in the Middle East. We have 60 hectares of Hydroponic farms and operate an investment vehicle for private retail investors. We have offices in: UAE, Oman, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore.

With aggressive expansion plans in the Middle East we have planned to open a further four offices in: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait

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We employ around 150 people, from senior management to labourers. We have four sides to our business:

  • Building and owning our own commercial farms
  • Private investment model
  • Distribution arm

We have pioneered the Worlds first Audited and Sharia compliant Hydroponic investment and are also a member of the United Nations Global compact and the founding member of the Chartered institute of Hydroponic farming.

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What is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the science of growing plants without the use of soil. It is also known as “Soil-less culture”. The word originates from the culture of growing plants in water from the Greek words – hydros meaning water and Ponos meaning work.

In soil, nutrients and water are randomly placed, and often plants need to expel a great deal of energy by growing long roots to find water and nutrients. By expelling this energy the plants growth is not as fast as it could be.

With hydroponics the plants take up more nutrients as those grown in soil, because the root is only submerged in water and nutrients. This means the plants growth rate is 300 X faster and the plants absorb nutrients as ions in water.

Importantly plants grown in hydroponics are no different from plants grown in soil as they have the same physiology but more nutrients, grown at a faster rate and bigger size.

With Global demand soaring and capacity limited by access to fresh produce in the GCC, Investments in this market are expected to yield returns of 12-16% conservatively.

Why are Hydroponics such an attractive Investment option?

“Farmers can get between 450 and 550 tonnes of vegetables per acre, compared to the average yield of 15 tons per acre using traditional farming.” Financial Times

  • Uses 90% less water than Traditional Agriculture

  • No Fertilisers or Pesticides

  • 14 Harvests Per Year

  • Vertical Farming Methods (Less Land/Space Used)

  • Elimination of Crop Failure (Thoroughly Controlled Environment)

  • Production of 1000 times more crop with same amount of Land

  • Temperature Controlled and Protected Growing Environment

  • Seed to Product in 25 days versus Traditional Agriculture (75-100 days)

  • Minimum Labour Costs

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Investor Benefits

  • 12% ROI Paid Quarterly
  • Fully Operational Farms
  • Hands-Off Investment
  • Largest Owners in the Middle East
  • 3 Year Track record
  • Sharia Compliant
  • Invest from $50,000 USD

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  1. The company is a fraud, took the investors money and disappeared. I am surprised that noone has reported them anywhere yet and it is not a scandal now!


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