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How to Make Clever Money from Your Land

When you are a business minded person, there are several things you should look for when your next venture is on the horizon. First of all, you need to assess what kind of assets you already have; this will help you to establish sensible business ideas that are relatively risk free and accessible. Being blessed with a vast amount of land is something every entrepreneur should be excited about. There are so many different money making methods that can be achieved by making the most out of your land. You might want to think about whether an agricultural investment will be profitable or you might have several other grand plans. If you are lucky enough to have land at your fingertips, check out some of the following methods to bringing a side income.

Raise Animals

If you are passionate about animals then it seems like a no brainer to buy some farm animals for your land. You might need to invest in mobile field shelters for goats and other medium sized farm animals. It is up to you whether you sell dairy, raise animals for meat or create a safe breeding environment. Seek advice on what type of farming you could go into and make the most of your outdoor space.

Install a Billboard

If your land is nearby to a busy road, people are likely to snap up a spot on your property. Advertising companies will be impressed by this new location, so make sure you seize every opportunity. Payments will be very wide ranging, but it involves very minimal effort from your part. As long as you don’t mind having a huge sign on your land it is an easy money maker.

Sell or Lease Your Land

Consider sellers or leasing your land to hunters or other farmers. If your property is home to wild animals you might be able to bring in a substantial income by allowing people to hunt on your land. If your land is nearby to a farm you will also find success in selling your land to local farmers. They may need extra space to harvest crops. In this case you can simply allow them to use your land for whatever they need to do and you can watch the income roll in steadily each month.

Harvest Timber

Timber supplies are becoming more and more stark, so many lumber companies are seeking out new locations for wood. Depending on how big and old the trees are you can expect to receive a varied price for your timber. Your local conservation centre will have more information about harvesting timber.

Keep an open mind when you are exploring ways to make money from your land. There might just be a method you hadn’t even considered yet. Whether you are raising farm animals or installing a billboard as advertising, you should embrace your land. Use this as an opportunity to earn some extra money on the side and do something you are passionate about.

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