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5 Mind-Boggling Reasons You Should Invest In Land

Today, most investors like to put their money into real estate or the stock market. To them, they are the only realistic ways of making a killing in the short and long-term. The truth is that that statement isn’t necessarily the case. There is one more way to make a tonne of money – investing in land. Lots of investors rarely take a punt of land, yet it is as profitable as the rest. Carry on reading if you want to know why.

#1: In High Demand

One of the reasons people don’t like investing in land is because they don’t know what to do with it to make money. To them, the land is a blank canvas, and that is a problem. However, they are looking it from the wrong angle. It is a blank canvas, and that is a positive. Because it is untouched, there is more scope for someone to use the land as they want. Just because you can’t cultivate doesn’t mean another person can’t cultivate the land. And, the people that can develop it often pay a lot of money for the privilege.

#2: Build Property

The reason land is so in demand is because of the demand for property. A contractor knows they can make a killing off the land if they can get planning permission. All they need is a reasonable supplier like http://georgehill-timber.co.uk and the manpower. When they erect the houses, the money will start rolling through the door. You will probably never realise this profit because you don’t have the contact. Still, you can charge a premium now you know that they will make money off of the purchase.

#3: You Don’t Have To Do Anything

A piece of land is by far one of the easiest investments on the market. Because the demand is so high, you don’t have to do anything to start a bidding war. All you have to do is make the right people aware that they can build on the plot. Once they have that information, they will start queuing up at your door with offers. Real estate and the stock market are so much harder work because you need to give them time and effort. A plot of land is very different.

#4: Little Competition

The problem with the real estate market is the competition. There are so many other rivals on the market that it is hard to make a steady living. Land, on the other hand, is different. As a landowner, you won’t come across many other people that have another plot. And, you will almost never come across a person that has a competing plot. As a result, you can charge what you want for the plot, as long as it is within reason.

#5: You Don’t Have To See It In Person

Certain features make a piece of land a must-buy. Planning permission is one, but the location and the size are two more. When you understand what to look for, you don’t even need to see the land in person. You just need to sanction the purchase and take it off the market. Then, with a few seller financing tricks, you can make a killing. If you aren’t up to date with seller financing, take a look at Forbes.com.

So, do you think land is a good investment now?

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