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If You Had 30 Days To Fix Your Finances, What Would You Do?

If you had only 30 days to fix your finances, what would you do? Is it even possible to fix your finances in such a short amount of time?

You bet it is. Here we’re going discuss what you can do to get your fix your finances in under a month. Carrying out this advice isn’t going to be easy. But with the right approach, you can get yourself out of money problems and on the path to good credit.

Work Out Your Goals And How You Think About Money

Some people have a very positive view of money and credit. They see it as the doorway to becoming even wealthier and happier in the future. Others, on the other hand, don’t view it in this way at all. They see it as something evil and uncontrollable. The truth is that money doesn’t have any moral properties at all: only the way we use it is important. Your job is to figure out what role you want money to have in your life. Will it be a force for good? Or will it drag you and your family down?

If you see money as a force for good in your life, you’ll get the most benefit. Credit, like Cashfloat loans, is something that can add to your wealth in the future, if it is used correctly. People, in general, need to think more like entrepreneurs. They shouldn’t view money as a stock or something that is fixed. Instead, they should see it as a tool to help them build more wealth in the future. This is how successful people think about money.

Be Ruthlessly Honest About Your Financial Situation

When finances get tight, people like to hide uncomfortable facts from themselves. But it’s essential that all the facts are laid bare, out in the open. Ask yourself how much money you make each month? Then ask yourself how much time you spend making it. Find out where your money is going and whom you’re spending it on.

When you go through this process, you’ll arrive at two shocking conclusions,. The first is that you’re wasting an enormous amount of money on junk that doesn’t add to your quality of life. The second and perhaps more interesting finding is that you’re wasting a lot of time too. All those hours spent travelling to work, attending business events and getting dressed in the morning soon add up. When you add it all up and divide it by your income, suddenly your hourly wage looks really bad.

Build A Budget For Your Life, Not Somebody Else’s

Once you’ve taken a look at your financial situation, the next step is to come up with a plan that suits your personal preferences. Some people love to get up early in the morning, then work twelve hours straight. Other people want more time for themselves and their families. The problem with most people’s attempt to fix their finances is that they try to work with somebody else’s plan. When it’s something as monumental as your working life, that approach doesn’t usually work.

Take dieting as an example. We’ve all see those people on Instagram and YouTube who eat all fat, or all vegetable diets in an attempt to get healthy or thin. But when we try to follow their example, we come up short. The problem is that we’re trying to shoehorn our lives into somebody else’s plan. It doesn’t work, and we shouldn’t expect it.

When it comes to your own financial plan, it has to be aligned with your goals and aspirations. Financial planning shouldn’t be so much about budgeting as it is about tailoring. Every decision you make about your budget should be about bringing you closer to achieving your life goals.

Trim Away The Financial Fat

Once you’ve got your goals sorted, the next step is to find out what roadblocks are currently getting in your way. Are you blowing £80 a week on meals out that are making you fat and sick? Or are you limiting yourself to a modest £20 a month for special meals? Are you blowing £70 a month on satellite TV you don’t use? Or do you stick with free services, like Freeview and YouTube?  

If getting take out every night is one of your life’s goals, then, by all means, stick with it. But if it isn’t, then the time has come to trim away the fat. To motivate yourself not to fall into bad habits, constantly remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing. Take out food is getting in the way of your life goals. Once you realise that, you’ll be a big step closer to achieving them.

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