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Aquafarm for Sale in Portugal – 50% EU Funding Available

Fish Farm Investment

Portugal has always been known for it’s thriving fishing industry, and now there is an opportunity to purchase a family run, fully operating aquafarm. It is located in the Algarve, which is the southern region of Portugal and is part of the Atlantic Ocean. The most popular type of fish that is cultivated and sold to buyers is Sea Bream and Sea Bass. On average it costs about 3 euros per kilo to cultivate these fish, and they can be sold to buyers  for 5 to 6 euros per kilo.

This is a hands-on investment and would suit an investor who has experience, knowledge or interest in cultivating fish. There is the opportunity to gain EU funding to further develop this project, as it is of national interest to the local economy.

Species allowed to cultivate: Sparus Aurata (Sea Bream),Dicentrarchus Labrax (Sea bass), Diplodus sargus, D. puntazzo, D. cervinus (sargo), Argyrosomus regius (meagre), Pagrus pagrus, P. auriga, Dentex dentex (pargos), Seriola spp. (lirios), Pagellus bogaraveo (blackspot seabream)

Total area of 240 000 sqm for aquaculture production.

Allowed capacity production: 1.218,0 tonne per year

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