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the house crowd

Two Low-Cost Solutions to Invest in UK Buy-to-Let Property

August 12, 2015
There are a lot of new factors which are merging together so that buy-to-let investors can profit from property in completely new ways. The housing market is becoming extremely popular in Britain, alternative finance is seeing new developments and growth,...
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green belt london

London Must Build on Greenbelt to Solve Housing Crisis

April 8, 2015

Academics at the London School of Economics are calling on local authorities to help solve the capital’s housing crisis by re-evaluating their greenbelt policies. Three-quarters of businesses in London warn that the lack of new homes and soaring housing costs…

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crowd funding hotel investment in the uk

The Most Expensive Properties in The United Kingdom

January 16, 2015

Properties of the United Kingdom have always been one of the most expensive options. The houses, the chateaus, the villas and the castles all represent a land full of architectural brilliance. So how do the English represent this architecturally extravagant…

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Commercial Property Investment in London

6 Tips for Maximizing International Investment Property Performance

October 17, 2014

                      All international investment property opportunities are not created equal. There can even be substantial differences in the performance of two, identical, side by side properties. So what can global…

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Alibaba IPO is Launching – Investors Get Ready!

October 12, 2014

What is Alibaba? Alibaba is an e-commerce giant just like Amazon, Paypal, eBay, and many more. It is one of the biggest websites who accommodates online sellers and re-sellers of gadgets, accessories, house equipments, computers, makeup, gardening tools, toys, and…

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neem tree investment

Neem Tree Investments in Brazil – Why is it a Profitable Commodity?

September 15, 2014

Azadirachta Indica or also known as the Neem Tree is known all over Southeast Asia not only because of its numerous health benefits but it is also an excellent fertilizer. Locals call the tree itself, “The village pharmacy” because it…

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bitcoin investments

How Getting Rich with Bitcoins is a Real Possibility

January 17, 2014

A virtual currency with shaky origins, Bitcoin is rumored to have been created by a group calling itself Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Using complicated algorithmic parameters to make the currency accessible only to very powerful computers, bitcoins were long hiding…

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coconut investment in brazil nutritional

Coconut Investments – The Nutrional Benefits

December 22, 2013

In 2013 & 2014, our most popular alternative investment was the Multilayered Agricultural Investment in Brazil which offers investors returns from 25%. One of the main reasons behind the success of this investment vehicle is the fact that coconuts are…

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where to buy or invest in property in London

London’s Top 10 Property Investment Hotspots – 2015

October 28, 2013

  London has been the gem of the British property market for quite some time. The values of both residential and commercial properties in the English capital have been rising far higher than buildings anywhere else in the UK for a…

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news papers investors

World News Effects on Trading

September 25, 2013

As any investor knows, the world news plays a big role in the financial markets. Watching just the money and business pages can cause you to misstep in numerous ways. The way political news, world news, and financial news interact…

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